Episode 231 – Raiding the Tomb

Episode 231 – Raiding the Tomb

Mark and Rob talk about some of the games that are going to be hitting the 360 soon. Also, speculation on some next-gen titles. Enjoy the show!!!


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  • Xbox Fan
    Just wanted to say I listen to the show regularly and you have listeners out there... just few leaving comments :) If I can give you guys any feedback it would be to work on your gaps between segments of the show. You guys have a fair amount of dead air in between dialogues which are usually filled with sighs or giggles. The chemistry you two present is great to listen to and once you're on a train of thought, you really have my attention (I like what you guys have to say). The fillers just need some work I think to stamp out the dead air. Can be tricky on a single take granted, but it would go a long way to keeping the consistency in the show flowing along. The conversation flow gets a little stilted at times and this is probably the only weakness the show has. Keep up the great work though guys, I'm a regular downloader of the show and enjoy it every week when you post it up.

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