Episode 13

This Xbox Life

Welcome one and all to This Xbox Life Episode 13. This week Brun is on the field waiting in line for his copy of Gears of War 2, so that means it gives Mark, Kyle, and Rob time to shine during this hour long episode (just kidding Brun we heart you!). This week Mark starts the show off with a discussion on how Microsoft has halved the NXE, and whether or not we are still looking forward to the update on the 19th. Next, I start discussion about how Actiblizzard continues to find ways to steal their consumers wallets. And would it be a This Xbox Life episode if we did not launch into a discussion on Rock Band or Guitar Hero? NO! Thats right folks, we give you the low-down on the lastest songs hitting the marketplace this week in Rock Band, and boy are they good! We close the show with a discussion on how Rare’s latest and great Banjo game has a problem that they are not willing to fix. We then head to our V.I.P section, and continue to remind everyone of our image competition to win some very cool prizes!!! Look for the Community Conversation thread later this week to get your voice heard on our show!


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