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We’ve made some major changes to the This Xbox Life website last night. The website is now fully “responsive” on mobile devices and tablets. What does this mean? Now when you go to it will reorient itself to be easily readable on tablets and phones. Enjoy!!!!

Upcoming Games

With the Holiday Season approaching, the list of games about to become available will soon keep us busy. So check out some of our recommendations below for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One and get your pre-orders in now so you are ready to go.

Battlefield 4

Are you ready to put some lead down range?  Are you ready to topple buildings?  Are you ready to get back on the Battlefield?  Battlefield 4 is almost here and you better be ready for more crazy destruction from the guys at DICE. Battlefield 4 is powered by the advanced technology of DICE’s proprietary Frostbite 3 engine.  Blur the line between game and glory in Battlefield 4. With dynamic destructible environments, vehicular combat, and the chaos of all-out-war, Battlefield 4 will be one of the Xbox 360’s most impressive experiences. In addition to its hallmark multiplayer, Battlefield 4 features an …

Xbox One Wireless Controller and Play and Charge Kit

With the Xbox One on the way, don’t forget you might want an extra controller and you may wish to get a Play and Charge kit as well.  Well Microsoft thought of everything and they are offering both in one convenient package at a lower price.  This is a $10 savings over buying them seperate.  I have one ordered, and wanted to ensure you had yours on order as well.  You can use the Amazon link below to be sent directly to the item.  Enjoy.

Support TXL

You can now directly support our show just by using our Amazon link that is on our website. Click the Amazon box (on the right hand side of our main page) on our site and it will bring up the website that is linked to the TXL Associate account. BOOKMARK that page and always use that to order your Amazon stuff and we will get credit for your purchases. You can also go to We are doing this so that we can start having giveaways of good stuff like Retail Games, Controllers, Gift Cards, etc. We are going …

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