Support TXL

Support TXL

You can now directly support our show just by using our Amazon link that is on our website.

Click the Amazon box (on the right hand side of our main page) on our site and it will bring up the website that is linked to the TXL Associate account. BOOKMARK that page and always use that to order your Amazon stuff and we will get credit for your purchases. You can also go to

We are doing this so that we can start having giveaways of good stuff like Retail Games, Controllers, Gift Cards, etc.

We are going to also start doing a monthly giveaway to reward people who use this link. We will be giving away Amazon Gift Certificates for every month that has enough qualifying purchases. So not only will you support TXL with your normal purchases, but you could get money back from TXL as a reward.

If you have games already pre-ordered, you can cancel them and re-order them via this link so we can get credit for those as well once those items are shipped to you.

Things to know about how this all works.

1) You pay the same low Amazon price.

2) If we get enough orders in a month, Amazon pays us which in turn goes to the community.

3) We can see the orders, but not who placed the order. So if you do order from us and would like to be considered in the Monthly Drawing, email us at and let us know your Gamertag and the item you ordered so we can confirm your purchase qualifies and add you to the drawing.

4) Qualifying orders means you paid for the item in that month. Pre-orders will count in the month that the item was shipped to you.

If you have any questions, email us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks for your support.

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