Important TXL Announcement!!!

Important TXL Announcement!!!

I’ve recently implemented a complete overhaul of TXL’s backend system that handles media (the podcasts) and the RSS subscription system. The media portion is already active while the new RSS system will be put into full production on the night of Friday September 20, 2013.

What’s changed? A couple things that will improve your access to our podcasts. From now on when you view any podcast post on you will see a built in media player for that show, a link to launch a pop-out media player for that episode and a link to download the podcast. With the media player in particular, you can now easily listen to our shows directly from our website in addition to your normal podcast software/device.

As for the RSS subscription system, your podcast downloading software/device will be redirected to the new improved RSS feed. The switch is supposed to be automatic but you never know with all the different software and devices out there. Episode 260 will be present on both old and new feeds. However, beginning with episode 261, users that are still on the old feed will instead get a recording telling them to manually redo their RSS subscription as their software didn’t process the automatic redirect.

We hope these changes make it easier for everyone to enjoy the show!

Thanks everyone!

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