Episode 18

This Xbox Life

This week we are missing one monroniccow, but wingman709, presar, and myself buckled down to bring you Episode 18.  We start off the show announcing that we finally made it to Zune Marketplace!  The gamerscore challenge continues, but without any contestants changing spots and wingman709 points out that presar and I are missing some achievements from Dash of Destruction.  For the remainder of the show we discuss some music, NXE on the iphone, and our picks for the 2008 Game Awards season.  Before we closed it down we hit our VIP section with comments/questions from overkill1972 and XsicX AsSaSsiN. NOTE: During the show I mentioned that the Columbus Blue Jackets (my favorite team) defeated the Dallas Stars (overkill1972’s team) in overtime.  What I did not realize is that the goal was waived off and the game went into a Shootout where the Dallas Stars defeated the Jackets.  I feel that I need to apologize to overkill1972.  Sorry man!


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