Episode 203 – Now with more Wub Wub

Episode 203 – Now with more Wub Wub

We are back after two weeks of retirement.  Despite the false claims that we were trying to get rid of the Achievement Hounds, we have got the band back together (mostly) and are back on the air.  This week we talk about Borderlands 2, new job postings for Xbox, a possible Prince of Persia Reboot again, Galactic Reign, Modern Warfare 3 DLC, Mafia III on next gen consoles, Grid 2, X-com Enemy Unknown, and we get all Psycho on you regarding your avatar.  Once we get through all that, its on to the new releases this week in Retail and on XBLA.  We close out with some welcome back calls from the community.  Enjoy the show and the new music from Shearer.

Music By: Shearer


5 Responses to Episode 203 – Now with more Wub Wub

  • oldmanfrommars

    Glad to see podcast is back.  I haven’t listened yet, since I just checked the site to see what was there.

  • Ray

    So glad you guys decided to jump back in!  Great episode guys. Speaking of Jay & Silent Bob, you guys see Red State? It was made by Kevin Smith (silent bob for the uninformed). I thought it was great and I think it may be on netflix instant still.

  • marknocturnal

    So glad you’re back! Lucky for me I didn’t delete you from my podcast app or I would have never found out.

  • triplewitching

    About your section about avatar awards being used to ‘subliminally’ advertise products, its already happened, many times. If you ever see a sweepstakes on the dashboard, if you click on it, you usually ‘enter’ the contest by downloading a gamer picture. As to actual avatar props, when the windows phone was first released, there was an avatar award of a windows phone prop, if you watched a video about the new phones, you got a unique prop for your avatar. Your guy pulls it out and dials on it, swaps it around, and tosses it in the air. I’ve put it on my avatar if you want to see it. I have not purchased a windows phone, because I am cheap, but I’m certainly aware of them, and would certainly consider one, if i found one on sale somewhere.

    GT triplewitching

  • oldmanfrommars

    I playde spacewars!!!  It was great listening to you guys with no raging.  Keep it up.

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