Episode 208 – Welcome to Pandora

Episode 208 – Welcome to Pandora

Two community members join us this week to talk about Borderlands 2, Microsofts Holodeck, Battlefield 3 DLC, iPhone 5, Duke Nukem, and a ton of new releases.  Enjoy.

Music By: Shearer


One Response to Episode 208 – Welcome to Pandora

  • Ray

    Thanks for not bashing on Battlefield 3 Mark. But I have to admit I didn’t like close quarters or armored kill so I’m still just playing the original maps.Premium has been a huge let down. Aside from some new skins, guns, vechicles its been lame.

    Not sure if u guys are still on my Friends list but I’m playing the crap out of borderlands 2 if u want to team up. Gamertag is: ARMISTICErj

    Loving the podcast

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