Episode 22

This Xbox Life

This weeks show we start off by welcoming the new guys to our gamercard.  We close out the gamercard challenge once and for all before we jump into the new things coming to our community.  In fact, two of the items we talk about in the show have already gone live on the site so don’t miss out on these exciting things. Then we get to the meat of the show by having Kyle explain to us the difference between the Fable II paid DLC and the free DLC.  Rob breaks out the NPD numbers from December, while Mark declares “I AM ALIVE”.  We continue to ramble on about development times for games, the clothing options for our Avatars, the 100 friends limit getting removed, and the Resident Evil 5 demo. Then its off to the VIP section for some great questions and we finally close out the very long show with a reminder about our upcoming LIVE show.  So don’t miss out, download it today and remember to give us those 5 star ratings in iTunes.


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