Episode 221 – Newzapalooza

Episode 221 – Newzapalooza

Mark and Rob talk about the latest news stories hitting the Xbox this week.  Including some new DLC releases, rumors about GTA and Diablo3, and the upcoming large sale on Xbox Live!


3 Responses to Episode 221 – Newzapalooza

  • smeddum07

    Another great show guys! Disagree with alot of your politics wing but a lovely and obviously heart felt tribute at the beginning! Hope U guys and all the listeners have an amazing holiday with ur families and friends

  • 360 addict

    Hey!, didn’t u guys ge.t my question? You know I don’t like to be ignored. That’s not gentleman like u know. 🙂

  • 360 addict

    Also, I know u like hitman wing but at least u could of let everyone know that it’s buggy for some like me. Hitman is a great game but if my game file corrupted before the last mission and only having one or two challenges left. I might put the game down for a while. It’s very upsetting when u losing all game progress because of games that aren’t tested good or what ever its issue my be.you should know this Wing, unless u forgot about dead I mean glitch island already.

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