Episode 289 – Holy Buckets!

Episode 289 – Holy Buckets!

This week Rob, Brun and Mark hit the ground running and talk about the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare DLC, Borderlands 2 DLC, March NPD numbers, E3 2014 games and more!!! Enjoy!


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  • Michael

    Xbox sold to retailers 5 million
    SONY sold to consumers 7 million
    Big difference
    InFamous Second Son sold 1 million in 9 days
    Total software sales for X1 was 1.4 million, which either means everyone bought Titanfall and nothing else, or didn’t do good on x1 and only beat infamous due to PC sales

    Bound by Flame and spiderman 2 both dropped by xbox one

    So I’m predicting a new sku at E3
    Microsoft Xbox One, no kinnect, $399
    Phil Spencer won’t let the ship sink

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