Episode 300 – Is Digital ready for Primetime?

Episode 300 – Is Digital ready for Primetime?

Episode 300 starts off with Rob, Brun and Mark discussing some of the games that they have been playing on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other systems. Rob then goes through the news from the past week including new DLC for games including Garden Warfare, Forza Horizon 2 not having a single player story mode, Trials Fusion DLC, retail releases for World of Tanks 360, new Titanfall DLC modes and more!

Then the guys discuss their main topics including can digital delivery live up to its promises, is episodic content here to stay and do smaller devs have a chance?

Also the three winners for the episode 300 contest are announced!



One Response to Episode 300 – Is Digital ready for Primetime?

  • Elliott

    Sniper elite is terrible. Always has, your wasting your time with one. I could have told you that game was gonna be buggy. There has to be more to talk about then one of the worst games for Xbox. Call of duty has sniper rifles in it. Use them.
    I’m just saying, I like the podcast and I hope you guys do another 300 episodes at least. Have a good one guys.


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