Episode 31

This Xbox Life

After losing our 90 minute show last week, we re-recorded it this week with some changes and it turned out to be another 90 minutes long.  This week we dive into our game giveaway and what we have been playing.  Maybe based on what we have been playing lately we can figure out what happened to last weeks extra 90 minutes….I think it got infected.  We play a song from Palette Swap Ninja that is in honor to moroniccow and Wingman709.  Then its off to our topics of the week.  We start off by sharing some tips on how to game on a budget.  Then its Resident Evil Time as we talk about paying for DLC and if the game is all about racism or not.  We cover EA’s price gouging for their new Arcade title Hasbro Family Game Night and then we have a quick discussion about the future of split screen gaming.  We have a good number of questions and comments from our VIP’s and then we finally stop talking so that we can get back to Resident Evil 5.  So tune in!


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