Episode 347 – Hero or Traitor, Friend or Foe?

Episode 347 – Hero or Traitor, Friend or Foe?

E3 2015 just happened and Rob, Brun and Mark spend the entire episode talking about all the news and info that was put out during the show. Enjoy!


4 Responses to Episode 347 – Hero or Traitor, Friend or Foe?

  • Jacob

    Braun came across real made at the end of the episode.  He made mark’s comically bad Xbox bias seem tame with that rant.  You do realize some of your listeners own every console (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, pc) you alienate people when you act the way.  Getting mad because people don’t agree with your opinion or because they liked Sony’s conference.  Maybe Braun is just young idk, sounded mad Salty.

  • Joe Murphu

    How do become member I am on your Facebook ?  Artemis74 tag .  Just curious

  • wingman709

    Jacob, Correct me if I am wrong, but the show is called This XBOX Life. Obviously we will have a bias towards Xbox.  But all of us own multiple consoles.  The thing that most of our listeners like about us is that we don’t drink the Kool-Aid.  We give say it as we see it.  We don’t like everything Xbox does either.  We often rant about them as well.  Simply said, we all agree that Sony had a weak show.

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