Episode 389 – Scorpio

Episode 389 – Scorpio

With E3 just around the corner, a ton of rumors surfaced lately in regards to new Xbox hardware being announced this year. Leaks name streaming devices, new mini Xboxes and even a new more powerful unit. What do Rob, Brun and Mark have to say about this? Listen and find out! The guys also discuss Doom and Overwatch. Enjoy!


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  • Wade Garbutt

    Hey guys,

    This Wade Garbutt, Gamer tag: UntoldTactics, I love the show, it really helps kill time while driving.

    On Rob and Mark’s scorpio/neo discussion I personally believe Mark is mostly wrong. He keeps saying that if Xbox doesn’t do something that that’s the “nail in the coffin” but really the Xbox doesn’t have to do anything because Xbox is selling great, Xbox isn’t in any trouble what so ever. Sure ps4 is outselling it 2 to 1 but it’s still selling far better than Xbox 360 did. Though I do agree that VR will be a fad.

    I believe xbox won’t mention Scorpio at e3 because as soon as they mention it, sales of xbox one will practically stop. There is no way Microsoft would do that. I think they will just announce a slim and I also believe that is the smart choice for them. There is a big chance that the neo will flop and I think it’s smart to see how that works out first. As for the slim, I believe that it will have 2 versions, one with no disk drive and an internal power supply, The other version that’s as equally small as the first but with an external power supply and a disk drive. I also think both versions will have 4k video streaming.

    I’m interested to hear what you guys think on the show.


    Wade Garbutt

    • Brun


      Hey man it’s Brun.  I don’t think Mark means that Xbox or Microsoft is going to call it quits or anything.  I think it’s more like they are out of the race for this console cycle.  I could be wrong so I’ll make sure to bring it up to him.  We all believe that Xbox is going to release another generation.  I think that was the Scorpio, but this whole Sony think is forcing their hand and rushing it early.

      Thanks for listening to the show!
      Brun “bjswick33”

  • Marshy

    Hey Rob,

    Was hoping that Mark would bring this up as I couldn’t understand your argument at all.

    You kept saying that you would prefer for it to be a new Xbox completely. How is that any different from having a Xbox Scorpio? You’d still have a ‘premium’ console that provides better graphics in both scenarios. The issue with launching the next Xbox is that you are basically launching a big middle finger to all your current Xbox One owners and telling them that to play the latest games they HAVE to buy a new console. Launching the Xbox Scorpio gives gamers the option, but doesn’t force them to upgrade yet.

    Those who want the best possible experience can buy a Scorpio. Those who either don’t care to upgrade or simply can’t afford it can buy the discounted Xbox One (or possibly the Mini, depending on what that is) and still play the same games. This is no different from how any other electronic market works, including PCs.



    • Brun

      Hey Marshy,

      This is Brun.  It’s hard for me to express why I feel this way.  Been thinking about it since I read this.  I guess I just don’t understand what is wrong with my current Xbox One for Microsoft to want to make a more power Xbox One and to continue to make the same level of games.  The power of the new Xbox is just too great to sit there and code for the lowest common box.  I think this Xbox was going to be the newest console that would be released in 2018, but if they want to release early and support Xbox one games for a year or 2 then go with Scorpio only that’s fine with me.  I just think this is going to be the next version.

      Anyways games are what sells hardware and building a box just for Xbox One games and VR may not be enough.  They are are going to need the software to move the box and that means bigger games that will just need to leave the Xbox One behind.  You are absolutely right when you say it gives gamers the option.  Right now not knowing what is really going on the option is to buy a new box with no apparent reason other than Sony is doing it and maybe VR.

      Also I think developers at some point will want to build a game to use that power and that will mean the new box only.  Anyways thanks for listening to the show and for the comment.  Are you in the FB group?  If not you should join and chat there!

      Have a good one and keep gaming!
      Brun “bjswick33”

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