Episode 391 – Post-E3 2016

Episode 391 – Post-E3 2016

Mark, Rob and Brun discuss the news and games that came out of E3 2016.


2 Responses to Episode 391 – Post-E3 2016

  • Joseph DeSilva

    Oh Bron :/
    Sony announced they were not bringing Neo to E3 a week before.
    Stop being so salty man it’s not a good look to your listeners that own both systems and plan on getting the Neo and the Scorpio. 

    No one is scared of anything because both companies cater to different player bases. 

    Just dial back the sodium, you sounded so reasonable at the beginning of the episode and as the podcast went on you became more of an ass.  Not cool

  • Brun

    OH YEAH Joseph HOW ABOUT YOU…hahaha (<- Joking!).  Thanks for the comment.  No salt on my end.  I appreciate you stating that I started reasonable.  That was my intent.  I did not intend on however to get nasty as the show went on.  I feel that the shows were nice all with ups and downs.  I'm a believer that if possible gamers should get everything they can.  I may not own a PS4 right now, but I think I finally found my justification in Detroit (my game of the show).  As far as the new hardware I feel that Microsoft is giving everyone a choice and letting us know if we would benefit from the upgrade.

    I think my final comments is where I might have gone to the nasty side.  In my opinion Sony did skip showing the Neo due to the scorpio.  I know they mentioned it before the show that whey were not going have it shown, but this was a common PR tactic.  Get in front of the story, lower expectations, and provide an excuse or statement that can be used to counter any negative feedback.  What they did was perfect.  Most comments you see is "They mentioned it wouldn't be there" like in your comment.  Now this could have been their plan 100 percent or I could be a little on the right track.  Bad part is you basically have to wait in see, but in no way am I looking for an "I told you so" moment.  Again they did what they had to do.

    Again not salt on my end and I think I may have a topic for next week.  Toxic gaming community and "The Wars".  Something I've been chatting about at work.

    Thanks for listening and the comment.  Keep on gaming and hit me up on live so we can play some!

    "bjswick33" (j = Joseph!)

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