Episode 394 – Horrible Gamers

Episode 394 – Horrible Gamers

Rob, Mark and Brun are joined by JesusWalksALot for this weeks show. They talk about what they’ve been playing and then enter the round table. This weeks discussions include the 2016 summer ultimate sale, Xbox Ambassadors season 3, background music coming soon and the relaunch of Horrible Gamers podcast. Enjoy!


2 Responses to Episode 394 – Horrible Gamers

  • Mocha Smiley

    Wow, your sure this is an Xbox podcast? Bashing it every other sentence. All the issues you mentioned, I have not experienced except for preview. It’s preview, my God, that’s what we need another podcast bashing Xbox. Very, very disappointed.

    • Mark

      Yes we are an Xbox show and we all do enjoy our console.  But we are also not paid to drink the corporate Kool Aid so we share our honest thoughts and opinions.  We don’t hate Xbox, we are just passionate about it and want it to be the best console possible.  So when things fail, we talk about it.

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