Episode 50

This Xbox Life

Episode 50 starts out slow as Rob decides to do the show all by himself but for the sake of all our listeners, Kyle and Mark quickly jump in to save the show.  We spend some time talking about what we played, how energy drinks have failed us, and we learn that Rob drools on keyboards.  I am sure we bash Brun for skipping the show and taking time off again before we get to our FNL announcement.  Then its all about Avatars and rocking out with Guitar Hero 5.  Kyle starts crying about all the games that are getting pushed back to 2010 and 2011.  We give you our thoughts on the Dashboard Preview and all it has to offer.  Then we do some laughing at the PS3 because it can’t handle the power of Rage and Tech 5 engine.  We close out with a quick chat about how Activision is pulling a fast one with their special editions by including a game, Call of Duty Classic, when the game does not yet exist.  Is that fair to do or are they pulling a Marketing fast one on the consumers.  Be sure to write or call us with your comments for next weeks show.  That is all for this week.  Catch you all online.


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