Episode 57

This Xbox Life

This week we are down a man, but the show must still go on. Halo 3 ODST dominates this weeks show as it seems like that is all we can talk about. We find time to talk about Splinter Cell Conviction getting dated, Left 4 Dead DLC, Xbox 360 rebate and new bundles, the uneventful Xbox 360 update, and finally Rock Band 2 getting a title update as well.  We hit the Friends List in which listeners sound off if Brun is saying “color” or “collar” per last week’s episode, and then announce the winner of the avatar PAX t-shirt.  Make sure to check out our forums for information on the Boosting Game of the Month, join our gamercard, and follow us on twitter to maybe win some cool stuff. Catch you guys next week.


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