We’re coming back!!!

This Xbox Life

OK Gang, we have good news. TXL will live on. We will be back sometime soon. We don’t know in what means regarding a web presence, but the show will be back soon and we will continue where we left off. There will be some changes but I can confirm that Presar and Wingman709 will be your hosts weekly with bjswick33 joining us from time to time. We are working on the details now and are discussing some possible changes to the show itself.

If you guys have any ideas for what you would like to see in a new format, let us know. If you prefer the old format of a roundtable like discussion, then let us know that. Thanks to everyone for your continued support of us. The community is the reason we are returning.

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  • wingman709

    We will be recording episode 203 this weekend and the show will be up Sunday night or Monday if all goes well.  Wish us luck as there have been some changes but hopefully all will go smooth.

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