New Site Design

New Site Design

We have redesigned the site.  This will allow you to see the latest podcast posts and any news items as soon as you arrive on the site.  You can also leave us a voicemail right from the website now using your computer and microphone.  Just click the “Send Voicemail” button on the right side of the page.  So check it out, please know we are still working on things but if you see anything wrong, please post it in the comments and we will look at getting it resolved. 

Thanks again for your continued support. 

2 Responses to New Site Design

  • wingman709

    Sweet site.

  • 360addict

    I really like the site. As always you three guys do a great job. I will be a faithful member until the end. Mmm?, wait a minute let me think about that. 🙂

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