Episode 204 – Podcast of Two: The EA Cartel

Episode 204 – Podcast of Two: The EA Cartel

After being back for just one week, Rob decided he needed a vacation.  Thankfully our amazing community stepped up so that we could have a show this week.  This week Carbide, Darkidefender, and I talk about Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Battlefield 4, Black Ops 2, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Hitman: Absolution, Borderlands 2, and Resident Evil.Net.  Enjoy the show and the new music from Shearer.

Music By: Shearer


4 Responses to Episode 204 – Podcast of Two: The EA Cartel

  • Listener
    When I saw new site I thought you were purchased by Microsoft, and now you are becoming more and more like M$... I would like to keep listening to your podcast but guess what, I do not own iPhone or Windows Phone, so, how about you let me download it ? Sounds crazy I know but you could try it, or enable some other means of syncing for lets say 99% of world that uses Android based phones...
    • wingman709
      You do not need an iPhone or Windows phone to listen to our show. Our RSS feed is still the same as always. I can add a link to direct download in the story each week if that is what you are looking for.
      • Wingman709
        RSS Link now added. Hope this is helpful.
        • Listener
          thank youuu !!! :)

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