Episode 246 – E3 2013

Episode 246 – E3 2013

Rob and Mark talk about the Microsoft E3 Keynote and what we learned about the Xbox One. Lots of great stuff in this episode! Did you pre-order your Day One Xbox One?


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  • wingman709

    Just an update for you all.  The PS4 does not come with the PS Eye camera (aka Kinect) so you will have to pay $60 for that add-on which makes the PS4 only $40 cheaper.  With Kinect shipping with every Xbox One, developers can implement it across the board and not leave anyone out with gameplay, achievements, etc. PS4 gamers will have to pony up the extra cash to get those PS Eye camera trophies.  😎 Way to be deceiving to your customers Sony. You act as if you are the same as Xbox One, but you are not.  We here at TXL always knew that.  Long live Xbox.  HooAhhh.

  • presar

    Yeah!! Ditto!

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