Episode 247 – Community Questions

Episode 247 – Community Questions

This week, Mark and Rob go through many community questions that were posted. Other discussion points include some new Xbox One games, is Microsoft doing us a favor by charging devs for patches and the upcoming Walking Dead DLC.


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  • Mirage8531

    Wing, Im not sure you actually finished the story to RDR. Once you become Jack you have a few more main story missions to play. I beleive the town you need to head too is Blackwater. Its been awhile since I’ve played it, but there are certainly a few more story missions to finish this off. Also, you are missing out if you dont get the undead nightmear pack, there were some fun missions and side quests in that DLC.

  • Nautius Maximus

    Loved the discussion on challenges and achievements! Note that they did something like this with mass effect3. For the first several months after release there were weekend and holiday challenges where you got rewards for doing some randomly chosen thing as well as a “squad” goal which was a community aggregate. This realty added to my fun with ME3. Trying new play styles, etc. later they added the ongoing challenges, which also caused me to play me3 far longer than I would have as I was starting to wind down my play.

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