Episode 248 – DRM Free

Episode 248 – DRM Free

This week Mark and Rob discuss the controversy over the latest DRM removal on the upcoming Xbox One. Also covered are some of the latest news and upcoming releases. Enjoy!


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  • Docvape

    You make it sound like M$ was going to give us more than $20 for a used game (I can get more from games top or craigslist)
    Plus who needs to swap discs, we finally have blu ray

  • wingman709

    The disc swapping is related to having to put the game disc in your Xbox One if you wish to play the game.  This was something MS was doing away with on their digital DRM program.  You would put the new game disc in the first time you played it.  It would install and you would never have to put the disc back in to play again.  That is gone and we are will now have to put the disc in to play it just like we do now.  That is what I mean when I say disc swapping.  Also, MS would not be the ones buying your digital game.  It would still be GameStop or other retail outlets.  But now it works the same as it does now.  You can’t sell your digital games.

  • Docvape

    Wow first podcast were the host responds this is pretty cool
    Just finished listening to the podcast.  Now I know they came out and we’re dismissive about ‘family plan extended demo’ and how you could have leant your games to 10 different brothers from another mothers…. But wouldn’t that essentially be more damaging than a used game sale?? I mean you’re just giving games at that point, sounds too good to be true.

    As far as paying for PS PLUS..  I think it’s smart for Sony.  Because free does not mean stable, they need money to improve it so I’m ok with it.  One last thing since the episode was supposed to be community related and I’m a new listener…

    That Kinect… Everyone says ‘you don’t like it cover it!’  all these solutions but to me… I’m paying an extra $100 for something I don’t want and just cover?  Kinect has 2 fans which means it can over heat… So if my Kinect breaks, it renders my console useless…. That bothers me a lot.  My original Kinect is the only device with dust on it in my living room, it’s a constant reminder that it was a waste of $

    Lastly the console as an always on multimedia device???  I’m scared of RROD over heat issues again…

    Anyway, great podcast it’s in my top 3 (top 1 in video games)

  • wingman709

    Thanks so much for the comments.  Glad you enjoy the show and hope you can join one of our upcoming community shows.  We will do more in the future for sure.  This was the first time nobody showed up.  Maybe we really don’t have anyone upset over the DRM issue as we were led to believe.  😎

  • wingman709

    Oh, and be sure to join our Facebook group.  That is where all the community conversation happens.  See ya online sometime.

  • Chevalric

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for the first time with this episode and I’ve been enjoying it so far. I completely agree with all you’ve said about the stuff that Microsoft tried to do and I am sad that they reversed it almost completely. It might not have been the best solution, but it was definitely innovating on the platform. I’m sure that it could have improved over time.

    As for Docvape’s Kinect comment: the reason your Kinect is gathering dust (as is mine), is that developers can’t assume it is present on the 360. That means they either incorporate some features that are completely optional and not very useful, or they create a game specifically for use with Kinect, which doesn’t go beyond dance games and fitness stuff. Now, by selling each Xbox One with Kinect, it allows developers to take the peripheral for granted and actually invest time and money to use it to enhance the gaming experience. I think we’ll see some nice uses of it in the future.

    To be honest, the only downside to all the new Xbox One features that are still coming, is that I, living outside the US, might have a very limited benefit of it all (especially the tv stuff and apps)

  • Mirage8531

    Good show as usual. I for one am happy with Microsofts reversal on the selling of used games. I trade games with my brother and a couple friends fairly regularly and am glad we can continue to do that, as well sa sell my games at my yardsale/ebay/craigslist. I’m also happy they ditched the connect every 24hr requirement. It doesnt matter to me as much right now, but there was a time that I was traving regularly for work and couldnt get my xbox on the internet. Obviously that would be an issue. I still dont see why they couldnt find a happy medium with their DRM policy and allow you to still play the games offline as long as the disc was in the tray. Surely they could have figured out a better way to handle this to make more people happy, those of us that want to be be able to do as we please with the physical disks we buy, and those of us that were really looking forward to all of the new features. There is time yet, perhaps Microsoft will change things up yet again. Also, I really don’t think Microsoft was listening to all of the complaining people were doing so much so as reacting to what Sony was doing and initial preorders. I really think they had this plan on the back burner, just in case things didnt work out as intended. It’s all about the money they are making, they dont care how much we complain as long as we keep giving them money.

  • xGOSHUx

    Love your show. Great episode as always. I can only speak for myself on the DRM issue (I wish I would have know u were having a community show) but my issue was the connecting to the internet to verify your game so that u can play. I feel that when I buy a game it should be mine. What happens when Microsoft decides to stop support ffor the xbox one? Is my game library now useless? I don’t understand how you don’t have a problem with “paying to borrow the game for as long as microsoft lets you”. My whole issue is with the ownership. I don’t care about the daily check in, I just want my things to be mine…I have more to talk about but I am at work so I can’t keep writing. Again, keep up the good work.

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