Episode 259 – Console Showdown

Episode 259 – Console Showdown

Mark and Rob discuss the latest news about the PS4 being faster than the Xbox One, new Star Wars pinball tables coming, open beta for BF4, listener mail and more!


2 Responses to Episode 259 – Console Showdown

  • louie

    I beleave that the article about ps3.5 being better than the xbox one is the same magazine that declared the ps3.5 the winner of the console wars as soon as it was they were anounced. Consider the source

  • wingman709

    Hi Louie,
    Yeah I don’t care what journalists say.  I don’t care who wins.  As long as I get a new gaming machine this year with some awesome new features, I will be happy.  Can’t wait for Nov. 22nd.  WooHoo.

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