Episode 260 – At Your Own Risk

Episode 260  – At Your Own Risk

This week Mark and Rob spend a little bit of time talking about some of the games we’ve been playing including the new hotness: Grand Theft Auto V.

Also on the topics list is the importance of the TV integration of Xbox One, GTA V sales figures, Microsoft’s plan to launch exclusive TV content and more!

Rob also talks about some important RSS feed changes taking place with THIS very episode. If your podcast feed is still pointing to feedburner.com, you may need to resubscribe as your software is not redirecting properly. If your feed is already pointed at www.thisxboxlife.com, then you’re good! No worries!


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  • DocVape

    can’t seem to find the crew on rockstar social club
    went to search crews


    but nothing, what am i doing wrong?
    (yes I’m already registered on the rockstar social club)

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