Episode 34

This Xbox Life

We hit it fast and hard this week by starting out with our most recent gaming experiances.  Well, those of us that have played our Xbox that is.  You will have to be the judge if cellphone game counts or not.  Brun launches our first story with a promised discussion of MMO’s coming to Xbox which Major Spork asked about last week.  Then Mark asks if its wrong to make a realistic video game about a war that is still going on.  Kyle touches base with the controversial Resident Evil 5 DLC and then Rob wants to know if the rising price of Xbox Live Arcade games are worth the cost of admission.  We finish off our stories with the cool news of Amazon now selling Arcade games and if we really want more retro titles like Outrun.  VIP is up next and we have five voicemails via TokBox this week.  So get to downloading and enjoy this weeks show.  Don’t forget to get your TokBox entries in before Episode 36 to be eligilbe to win 13 months of Xbox Live Gold.


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