Episode 35

This Xbox Life

This week we get back to our original goal of 1 hour (sorry to those that like the long shows). We breeze through some site announcements (you might want to listen to it this time, we got some good stuff on the way!) as well as what we have been playing. Wing gets some hard achievements in musical games, and moroniccow has a 30,000 point Halo Wars 2v2. This week we talk about Gamestop selling used copies as new, Microsoft extending the 3-year warranty to E74 issues, Madden retiring, and more.  We have two more entries in the contest for 13 months of Xbox Live Gold. Do not forget to get your submission in by Thursday April 23, 2009 at 9:00 pm central. Remember, you just have to submit a tokbox with your gamertag and if you got a question, we will do our best to answer it!  Until next week!


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