Episode 36

This Xbox Life

It’s just Kyle and Wingman this week but that did not keep us from talking.  We went almost two hours this week and half of it is due to the large amount of voicemails and questions we got.  WooHoo we loved it.  Before we announce the winner of our contest, we discuss the games that we have been playing this week.  Once again Wingman brings Peggle into the discussion and Kyle rips on WWII games.  We then discuss if Harmonix is going to run Rock Band into the ground like Activision is doing with Guitar Hero.  Kyle gets excited about new DLC for Halo Wars while Wingman complains about Multiplayer RTS games and Microsoft’s lame TruSkill matching.  Wingman continues his complaining in regards to paying for another Battlefield game that he already played 5 years ago while Kyle says he will pay more money to Microsoft if he can be a VIP.


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