Episode 202 – So Long and Thanks for All the Games!

Xbox Ads

In this week’s show we sat down and talked about dashboard ads, Xbox Live Gold vs. Playstation Plus, Battlefield 4, and more!  Also we have a big announcement in the show so download now and enjoy!


2 Responses to Episode 202 – So Long and Thanks for All the Games!

  • wingman709

    Episode 203 coming soon.  We are back baby.

  • oldmanfrommars

    Just listened to the not last show.  The ads don’t even show up.  The more games and apps you have, the longer the quickplay shows up.  The “anonymous” ad numbers have to be bogus.  Look at the total advertising dollars for a company like Dr. Pepper, and you can tell they are not paying that much to MS.  And you couldn’t pay me to be on anything that says Sony or Apple.  Not mad, just tried the others and hated them.

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